AIP Commercial is proud to offer a wide range of Real Estate services. Our team of experts has a wide range of experience and can tailor our services to meet your exact needs.

AIP Commercial Brokerage is a regional full-service Real Estate company.  AIP specializes in privately held, family trust, LLC, and LLP held commercial real estate. AIP’s commitment to their clients and the industry is to provide premium service to the properties.  Client communication and up-to-date market information is the key factor to property management, brokering and consulting of the property.  AIP has been honored to serve all areas of California with its main focus in the Southern California. Area.  

Commercial Leasing
Our experts are leaders in the industry. We have worked on many high-profile commercial projects.  We have experience with Retail Shopping Centers,  large Industrial Buildings, and Office Complexes. We can take a project from conception to ribbon cutting. With AIP Commercial Brokerage, you are in capable hands.

Commercial Sales
We help you select the best property, walk you through the sales process, and oversee every aspect of the due diligence process. We will ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and make sure your property acquisition goes smoothly. From selecting the best professionals and course of action, AIP Commercial Brokerage is your best asset.

Property Management 
We offer the best property management services, and can walk you through the selection process.  We want to ensure you receive the most professional and competent property management experience.

Residential Sales
Whether the acquisition be for income or as a personal home, AIP's team can locate and negotiate the best value for your needs.  We are members of the Riverside Board of Realtors, including access to the MLS.

We partner with lending institutions that are committed to providing quality service with integrity. They are specialists in quick decision making and attention to detail. Financing is tailored to the specific needs of each borrower. Whether you need to refinance or are buying your next investment property, we will help you get the best loan possible. Using our preferred partners ensures a seamless process.

State-of-the-Art Services
Give your property the extra special attention that will make it spectacular. Add your personal touch, or let one of our experienced staff create the marketing program you have envisioned. Select exactly the touch you want, or just be inspired.  The highly skilled AIP Commercial Professionals have and will continue to offer every resource available so their Clients can act with confidence, accuracy and speed to invest profitability in the ever changing real estate market.